Assessment 2 : Problem Statement

Car Parking Management – Arena Simulation

Cars arrive and depart from a 5 stall parking lot using the statistical Information (requirements) as shown below:

  • Entity Picture  Car picture
  • Maximum Arrival 100 entities (all entities should have been processed
  • Inter-arrival Rate:  expo (5 minutes).
  • Cars park into any available space. The parking time is random from triangular distribution  0, 20, 65 (minutes)
  • The parking lot should include a roundabout entrance and roundabout exit
  • Entity (cars) that arrives to a full parking lot would loop around the roundabout entrance/exit . When no space is available, 20% of the cars would leave the parking whether it was during the first attempt or the second attempt.
  1. Cars arrive first attempt, some cars park, some cars leave (20%) and some cars attempts again (80%)
  2. Those cars who attempt for the second time again some cars park and some leave (20%) and some cars attempts again (80%).
  3. The third attempt either the cars find a parking or they leave.
  • Priority to park for those who arrived earlier
  • Use visual animation features to model the simulation. The animation should be very clear. The parking rules should be realistic.
  • The above design is the simplest but maybe not ideal.

Submission Requirements:

DOE file(s)


Present your work as a managerial report and should be of professional quality. The report should include sections: Abstract (aim and results), Introduction (applicability, Objectives), Model overview, Parameter values, Results (Statistics), Analysis of Results/Interpretation, Conclusion and Recommendations and any assumptions made.

Discussing the important statistical indicators

Discuss the need to increase the # of car parking lots

Discuss the through output/performance of the system

Include references (use APA referencing style)

  • The problem needs to be solved by Arena Simulation Software.

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