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Your APA write-up of the regression analysis must include the following information to receive full credit.



Exercise 9: Logistic Regression

A psychologist conducted a study to examine the nature of the relation, if any, between an employee’s emotional stability (X) and the employee’s ability to perform in a task group (Y). Emotional stability was measured by a written test for which the higher the score, the greater is the emotional stability. Ability to perform in a task (Y=1 if able, Y=0 if unable) was evaluated by the supervisor.  The psychologist believes a logistic regression model is appropriate for studying this suspected relation. The dataset for this exercise is “emoc.accdb” (Access format) and can be download from e leaning.

Conduct an appropriate analysis, a complete write-up is required, supplement with tables and figures as necessary; if possible include a scatter plot with the fitted logistic response function.

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