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Your APA write-up of the regression analysis must include the following information to receive full credit.

Exercise 11: Power

Unbalanced factorial designed

Use the dataset from exercise 10 and conduct a power analysis for a one-way ANOVA and 2B- factorial ANOVA. Write up your findings.


Use the dataset from exercise 9 and conduct a power analysis for the logistic regression. Write up your findings.


Provided below are test data for three groups of students taught by Mr. Smith, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Green along with student pretest data.  Use test as the dependent variable and the teacher and pretest as the independents to fit a multiple regression model testing your residual analysis.  Then conduct a power analysis. Write up your findings. 

Test        Teacher           Pretest

  38                  Smith               21

  39                  Smith               26

  36                  Smith               22

  45                  Smith               28

  33                  Smith               19

  43                  Green              34

  38                  Green              26

  38                  Green              29

  27                  Green              18

  34                  Green              25

24                    Jones                23

  32                  Jones                29

  31                  Jones                30

  21                  Jones                16

  28                  Jones                29

Include in your write-up analysis a discussion of outliers and influential data points, residual analysis (are they normal), relevant tables and plots and a complete interpretation of the parameter estimates and overall model.

Power Analysis Extra Credit (1 pt)

The EC is due with Exercise 6; please use a separate attachment for it in the eLearing drop box.

Write a paragraph to a page review (APA format with a complete APA citation) of a primary source using power analysis.  Be sure to answer the following questions in your summary: (a) What is the general problem under study, (b) specifically what research question/hypothesis are the researchers testing within the specified analysis (i.e., what groups are being compared), (c) what are the covariate variable(s), (d) what is the criterion variables, (e) did the authors conducted  residual analysis, (f) is the analysis related to the general problem the researchers are investigating (g) describe the power analysis and (h) what were the findings of the specific analysis?

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