Statistics Assignment Help

Descriptive Statistics: M1

Variable    N  N*   Mean  SE Mean  StDev  Minimum    Q1  Median     Q3  Maximum

M1        186   0  15669      633   8633      695  9997   14290  20607    47016

Descriptive Statistics: F1

Variable    N  N*   Mean  SE Mean  StDev  Minimum     Q1  Median     Q3  Maximum

F1        198   0  16302      519   7299     1674  11302   16078  20587    40055

  1. Are there any outliers?

Yes. the outliers are 36571, 37649, 37786, 39207, 42709,

46978, and 47016 for the male. For the female, the outliers are 38154, 39681, and 40055.

  1. Do both data sets have properties that are basically the same?


  1. Are there any significant differences?

Yes, there are significant differences.

  1. What would be a consequence of having significant difference?

Because we have significant differences, we could know that the numbers of words

spoken in a day the female is more than male.

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