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Assignment 2: LASA # 1: Literature Review Paper

The  purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the  opportunity to  select a topic in the particular area in which you have  an occupational  or research interest, and to complete a literature  review of the topic,  using a minimum of ten scholarly references. This  will allow you to  demonstrate mastery of the program outcomes for the  B.A. psychology  program at Argosy University. A helpful Web site for  organizing and  writing a literature review

You may also want to review the following documents that are available in the Doc Sharing area of the course:

  • A sample literature review,
  • a PowerPoint document illustrating how to set up your word processor for APA style
  • a “Guide for Writing a Literature Review”

Based  on your review of the most recent, relevant research findings  on your  chosen topic, submit a final version of your literature review  paper,  integrating feedback received from your instructor. Be sure to  include a  research/focal question, synthesis of the literature you  reviewed,  well-established conclusions, and points of discussion and/or  future  research.

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