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There were 40 participants recruited from an the campus of South University. There were 20 males and 20 females. Five males and five females were selected from each year of college. The height and age of each of the participants was recorded. In the data, sex was also recorded with females = 0 and males = 1. The year of college was documented as freshman = 1, sophomore = 2, junior = 3, and senior = 4. We have two categorical variables that are sex and year, and two continuous variables that are age and height. The descriptive statistics, both graphic and numerical, are given below.

Variable          N        Mean               StDev              Minimum        Maximum

Age                  40        22.1750          1.8700                        20.000                        26.000

Height             40        64.900                        6.935              50.000                        81.000

Year                40        2.5000                        1.1323                        1.000              4.000

Sex                  40        0.50000          0.50637          0.000              1.000

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