Research Paper Assignment help-Solving Mechanical Engineering Principles Problems

Research Paper Assignment help

Assignment details
Department of Design and Technology
Assignment Engineering Principles
Semester 1 September 2016 to December 2016
The assignment needs to be uploaded to the Turnitin, Deadline for submission is 12/16/2016 at 14:00 pm.
Part A
In the reactive AC circuit below, find the voltage and its phase in the output voltage. Both hand-calculation and use of multi-sim needed.
(Hand Calculation: 20 Marks, Multisim solution: 10 Marks, Total: 30 Marks)
Use Multisim to determine and plot the voltage that would be measured with this voltmeter as a function of the frequency of the sinusoidal source (Vs) as the frequency of this source varies from 1 Hz to 100 kHz.
(10 Marks)
Elaborate about the relationship between input and output frequencies, taking into account the effect of the coil and the capacitors on resonant frequency.
(10 Marks)
Part B
a) A simply supported beam is loaded as shown in the diagram. Finding the
reaction forces A and B and draw the shear force and bending moment diagram
across the beam.
(20 Marks)
b) Determine the force acting along the axis of each of the three struts needed to
support the 500-kg block.
(10 Marks)
c) The diagram below shows a plane pin-jointed framework. Determine the force in each member of the truss. State if the members are in tension or compression. Assume all members are pin connected. AG = GF = FE = ED.
(20 Marks)
Part C
You are required to compile an individual assignment report on your designs, evaluations and tests. The minimum number of word is 1500. This excludes: headings, contents page, appendices and data sheets.
Your report should adhere to the following format:
Bulk of Report (i.e. Procedures, Results, Diagrams)
Appendix (if any)
The following ‘dressing/padding’ mechanisms are not allowed:
 Excessive line spacing and font sizes
 Cellophane wrappers for each page
 Excessive data sheets or photocopied material in the appendices
 Copyright material
Part D
Marking scheme.
Presentation (Layout) 15%
Communication (Grammar) 10%
Analysis (Mathematical analysis and
constructive arguments) 40%
Research (Evidence of investigation via internet,
Books) 15%
Work (Overall quality: Ability to understand
and present ideas) 20%

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