BUS 210 Management Information Systems

Group Project Assignment – Fall 2016

Project Purpose

Students taking BUS 210 learn how to use information technology to support and further organizational objectives.  One of the most important concepts covered is the enterprise information system, specifically enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.  Virtually every medium to large organization (and many small ones as well) uses some form of this software to process transactions, store data, and produce actionable information. Conceptually, this type of software is challenging because it incorporates multiple systems (accounting data, transaction data, and human resources) and it does so with the added element of time.  Understanding the underlying processes being supported and analyzing the relationships between human actions and interactions with computer data is crucial to mastering these concepts.

Process mapping (flowcharting) is a useful tool for scaffolding the conceptual with the actual.  In this assignment, student teams will interview Washington College Business Office staff to learn about and document various business processes as part of the College’s implementation of eTrieve, a workflow and document management system.  This project will allow you to identify data shared among departments, user roles (including authentication and authorization), and process flow.  You will also have the opportunity to evaluate existing processes and propose process improvement.  The information you gather will be used by administrative computing personnel implementing the software.

Processes to be documented

# Department Process Interviewee
1 Accounts Payable Reimbursement process John Moore, jmoore4

Robyn Moore, rmoore2

2 Accounts Payable Credit card process Judi Bianco, jbianco2
3 Accounts Receivable Student accounts Debbie Bergen, dbergen2
4 Accounts Receivable Other billing, such as for the summer programs (CTY, etc.) Debbie Bergen, dbergen2
5 Payroll Payroll process  – student employment Tracey Yiannakis, tyannakise
6 Accounts Payable Payables with requisitions Robyn Moore, rmoore2

John Moore, jmoore4



Project Description

Beginning November 10, students will work in teams of four to interview users of Washington College’s information system supporting Business Office processes.   They will proactively query users about decision points and data sources, and they will document inputs and outputs.  They will also seek to gain an understanding of the process as it fits into the larger picture. Based on a minimum of two visits, the students will produce the following deliverables – a poster containing the highlights of their work and a Word document containing supplemental information.

Poster components (PowerPoint file is due November 29th):

  • A process map documenting all of the steps, decision points, documents, and data contained in the process. The process map should also identify who is responsible for which steps, and identify any internal or external customers affected by this process.  If the process crosses organizational boundaries, the impact should be documented.  Identify where authentication and authorization are required.  A subset of the process can be displayed on the poster; the complete documentation is to be included in the Word document.
  • Executive summary – one or two paragraph synopsis of the process including identification of how this process fits in the overall big picture and the process goal.
  • A list of user roles, including the position title and short description of duties vis-à-vis the process being documented.
  • A summary of databases and software used, listing types of data being accessed (ex. employee information, vendor information).
  • A reflection on opportunities for process improvement
    • Describe proposed process change
    • Describe perceived benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Other exhibits as needed (for example, screen prints, photocopies of forms used – do not include any information that might be considered confidential). A subset may be included in the poster; the complete documentation should be included in the Word document.  Number these supplemental exhibits and refer to the appropriate numbers in the process map.
  • A photo of the project team with the interviewee with a caption listing full names.



Projects will be graded on the following:

  • Completeness (no missing components) of poster and Word document (25%)
  • Clarity, accuracy and completeness of process synopsis. Demonstrated understanding of organizational context.  (25%)
  • Thoughtfulness of process improvement reflection; logical, effective, and clear suggestion(s) for process improvement. (5%)
  • Quality of the process map (20%)
    • Appropriate use of flowcharting symbols and methods
    • Clarity and elegance of presentation
    • Accuracy
    • Completeness
  • Overall professionalism of poster and Word document (10%)
  • Ability of team to clearly explain the elements of their project to other students, guests and the instructor at the poster celebration on December 6th. (15%)

Project Plan

Teams are to complete initial interviews during class time on Thursday, November 10th.  It is your responsibility to reach out to those you will be interviewing to determine where their offices are.

The poster PowerPoint file is due no later than Tuesday, November 29th.

Poster session will be held in class on Tuesday, December 6th.   Business Office personnel will be invited.   Professional dress is required.  Each team will explain its poster as well as circulate to review posters created by other groups.  Word document containing complete Ap

Paper details:
separate written flowchart and Fake Student Profile and Biller Table Pictures. so in the word document have the flowchart and Fake Student Profile and Biller Table Pictures explain it as described on page 2 bullet point 1 of the project handout.So the supplemental word document will cover this in depth.please make sure read each file. we are work on accounts receivable/ student accounts.

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